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Top 10 Metal Fabrication Equipment Companies - 2020

Metal fabrication isn’t necessarily an industry where businesses must evolve or suffer the consequences, but the benefits of constant innovation make willing stagnation a foolish proposition. Improving upon the technologies and tools utilized in operations, management, and administration means enhancing the success level of each process, minimizing waste, and reducing time and resources. Innovation in the fabrication sector comes in two essential forms: leveraging new tools to open new doors or finding more ways to leverage existing tools.

Businesses that close their minds to either option as a fabricator guarantees the accumulation of wasted opportunities and lost profits. To that end, new technologies are completely reshaping the way metal is fabricated.

Automation, for instance, is completely revolutionizing the way products are manufactured and handled. Advanced automation systems and robotics are accelerating production processes and boosting productivity. In fact, the day is not far when machines will take over and run the entire fabrication facility without any human intervention. 3D printing is another technology that is creating a significant impact on the manufacturing industry. 3D printing can be used to redesign materials like plastic, steel, concrete, and even masonry. The technology has a disruptive impact on fabrication due to its ability to alter how parts are developed, maintained, and ordered. Besides, 3D printing also helps fabricators reduce waste and optimize energy usage.

That being said, metal perforation has been part of the fabrication industry for centuries now, but primitive techniques tended to create less-than-optimal results. Innovations in metal perforation are now changing the way fabricators punch holes in metal: instead of making each hole individually, perforation rollers allow fabricators to create even, uniform punches every time. Lasers are also slowly becoming mainstream for perforation.

At this juncture, there is a wide variety of companies in the metal fabrication and mining industry with a set of advanced and integrated offerings. To assist companies in finding accomplished metal fabrication equipment solution providers and service companies, Metals and Mining Review has compiled a list of leading metal fabrication firms that are at the top of their game. The enlisted organizations are addressing fabrication and mining-related challenges and transforming operations and processes at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Metals and Mining Review’s “Top 10 Metal Fabrication Equipment Providers – 2020.”

    Top Metal Fabrication Equipment Companies

  • EZG Manufacturing proves to be a perfect partner. EZG Manufacturing is also a state-of-the-art custom fabrication and design shop that can handle virtually every metal fabrication process from bending and press braking to laser cutting, and machining.The company's portfolio includes carbon, alloy, stainless steel, hastalloy, industrial plastics, and aluminum. EZG Manufacturing's design and manufacturing team has produced conveyors, racks, cages, mezzanines, tanks, and much more. The latest addition to EZG Manufacturing's production line is a range of high-tech laser cutters, including a Mazak 10k Fiber laser, a Trumpf laser, and Co2 lasers


  • Atlantic Tooling & Fabricating Company, Inc.

    Atlantic Tooling & Fabricating Company, Inc.

    Atlantic Tooling & Fabricating Company, Inc. (ATFC), is a premier tool & die and sheet metal stamping facility that began operations in 1985. The company combines lean manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art equipment to provide superior-quality parts to customers every single time. ATFC has the advanced capabilities to provide and design a variety of tooling applications that meet and exceed customer expectations. The company bas a broad range of precision equipment for rapidly producing machined, fabricated, and stamped products. With unwavering focus on the customer needs, ATFC serves companies across multiple industries

  • Bunting Architectural Metals

    Bunting Architectural Metals

    Bunting Architectural Metals offers standard product solutions for Metal Wall Panel Systems, Cladding and Rain Screens utilizing single skin metal panels. The company clients achieve maximum benefit through Bunting's vertically integrated product delivery approach which eliminates margin stack and reduces lead times.Bunting Architectural Metals has adopted ISO 9001:2008 for its Quality Management System. Bunting strives for customer satisfaction by continually improving processes, products and services to ensure we consistently meet or exceed customer requirements

  • Davlyn Manufacturing Co.

    Davlyn Manufacturing Co.

    Davlyn is a leading US-based manufacturer of technical textiles specializing in innovative solutions to thermal protection and sealing challenges. The Davlyn Group is a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of technical textile products for the industrial, commercial, and residential markets. Through its Davlyn Manufacturing and Darco Southern divisions, the Company’s products and engineering services are used by thousands of customers in over 50 countries to help keep heat in its place, improve safety, and increase productivity

  • Hickey Metal Fabrication

    Hickey Metal Fabrication

    With four generations of experience, Hickey Metal Fabrication is a family owned and operated metal fabricator providing all-in-one custom metal fabrication solutions utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. Established in 1942, the company is today spread across six locations in the U.S. and offers customers start-to-finish fabrication expertise including laser and plasma cutting, bending, machining, welding and assembly. Always invested in the best-of-the-best materials, Hickey Metal Fabrication possess a large core of equipment to make the fabrication process faster and cost-effective. Few recent additions include a new Trumpf 3030 6K Fiber Laser cutting center and automation to a Mazak Lathe turning center, Trumpf 5000 punch with automation and BLM 6" CNC tube bender

  • JWK Engineering & Sales

    JWK Engineering & Sales

    For almost two decades, JWK Engineering & Sales has been offering industrial and original equipment manufacturers everything from component parts to complete welded and machined assemblies. Today, the company has an unmatched list of equipment and capabilities to offer complete project management, fabrication services and metal machining. As a premier provider, JWK Engineering & Sales executes prototype and heavy steel fabrication services with advanced CNC manufacturing practices and state-of-the-art equipment. The company ensures the fabrication process to be efficient, budget-friendly, and seamless in project timeline process

  • New Metals

    New Metals

    Founded in 1954, the company produces a complete line of quality expanded metals, perforated metals, expanded metal grating, expanded metal refuse baskets and architectural metal fabrications. The company also manufactures a wide variety of special products and provides many services, such as shearing, expanding to size, finishing, welding and parts fabrication. In addition, New Metals, Inc. also offers turnkey architectural metal fabrications

  • OGS Industries

    OGS Industries

    Established in 1959, OGS Industries has been providing Custom Metal Stampings & Fabrications to various industries with an emphasis on high quality products. We are certified AS9001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001.Founded in 1959, OGS began as a small shop committed to supplying local industries with superior shims and gaskets. Since that time, Ohio Gasket & Shim has grown into an industry leader, incorporating Progressive Stamping & Fabrication, a division which expanded OGS’ stamping and fabrication abilities; Lehner Screw Machine, a division specializing in manufacturing critical tolerance parts alongside a CNC shop dedicated to producing precision machined parts at lower volumes; and Mil-Pak, a military/specialized packaging facility

  • Serco Manufacturing

    Serco Manufacturing

    Since 1983, Serco Manufacturing Company has been providing quality products and services in the precision sheet metal fabrication, precision machining, and assembly industries. With modern equipment and experienced employees, the company specializes in prototyping and production runs of varying-sized and cost-effective parts. Serco Manufacturing Company’s capabilities include, but not limited to precision sheet metal, precision machining, prototyping, electro-mechanical assembly, wet painting, powder coating, silk screening, TIG & MIG welding, robotic welding, and custom tooling design. The company relentlessly focuses on customer satisfaction and quality assurance while offering its superior-quality services

  • Shrock Fabrication

    Shrock Fabrication

    Shrock Fabrication specializes in custom build products with a unique focus on artistic designing, exquisite beauty, and outstanding Craftsmanship. Through state-of-the-art equipment and experienced employees, the company offers turnkey manufacturing of metal parts and assemblies, from cutting to bending to welding and coating of almost any material. Their capabilities include laser cutting, forming, forging, draw bending, twisting, polishing, and more. Shrock Fabrication’s structural steel division handles different types of structural steel, providing drawings, fabrication, and erection. The company also has deep experience in custom ironwork for structural and miscellaneous metal projects along with manufacturing and installation of public art sculptures